Technical Ship Management

Planned Maintenance

I H B Shipping uses management modules for maximum efficiency in a variety of applications:

  • Maintenance work planning and spare parts handling
  • Document handling
  • Event planning in line with company and statutory requirements
  • Online reporting and managing all aspects of vessel operations

Repair and Maintenance, Dry Dockings

The expert staff and contacts with selected local engineering companies guarantees competitive high quality standards of repair works.

The contacts with local and regional dockyards reduce costs of major repairs and provide expert supervision of all work

Compliance Audits

I H B Shipping Co EAD carries out audit planning, preparation and compliance for ISM and ISPS and all other statutory compliance requirements.

Flag State and Classification Compliance

I H B Shipping Co EAD provides continual monitoring and auditing of all managed vessels to ensure that their documentation complies with all flag state and classification requirements.


Using specialized accounting packages I H B Shipping Co EAD is at all times enable to provide financial and accounting reports for individual ships to both I H B Shipping Management and clients.

I H B Shipping Management systems are linked on all vessels thus supplying owners and operators with direct on-line status reports on all aspects of vessel operation and performance.

Stores acquisition and supply

Acquisition and supply  of I H B Shipping Co EAD - managed ships as well as all transactions are accessible by clients with regular audits and reporting being readily available.

Commercial Management

I H B Shipping Co EAD boasts commercial management services in a lot of sectors for a diverse clientele and when combined with the technical management offers an attractive package, especially for non-technical financial investors and institutions.

The commercial services include:

  • Fixture and post fixture (including negotiations of charter parties)
  • Voyage estimations
  • Lay time and hire statements
  • Collection of freight
  • Resolution of charter party disputes
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Appointment of agents and provision of bunkers

We can tailor a full commercial management package and competitively place tonnage in liner trades, spot, period or term business to suit the client's commercial profile and ongoing requirements.

Close relationships with bunker suppliers in the main bunkering locations allow I H B Shipping Co EAD to offer to their clients first class bunkering services at the most competitive prices.


Specialist chartering team provides I H B Shipping Co EAD clients with a wide range of commercial contacts and chartering opportunities in strategic trades worldwide.


I H B Shipping Co EAD offers high quality brokering services - Period, Spot and COA for any dry and container trades.

Sale and Purchase

International contacts and specialist knowledge enable I H B Shipping Co EAD to offer sound advice and guidance for prospective buyers and sellers. This includes:

  • Identifying suitable vessels
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • Change of flag and registration
  • Identifying prospective buyers
  • Developing MOAs
  • Delivering vessels for sale or scrap

I H B Shipping Co EAD can also provide ship investment analysis and sensitivity studies.

New Building Consultancy

I H B Shipping Co EAD is providing his clients with a wide range of services in connection with design, newbuilding and conversions.

We provide expertise in the following fields:

  • Project Management
  • Ship Building yard Selection
  • Plan Approval and Site Supervision
  • Environmental Issues
  • New building / Conversion Consultancy
  • Contract negotiation
  • Planning, designing and execution of conversions
  • Pre-purchase inspection of ships
  • Condition surveys of ships