INTERVIEW with Mrs. Daneta Zheleva - Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD, regarding the "Energy of Tomorrow" forum organized by Investor Media Group.

In an interview for Investor.bg, Mrs. Daneta Zheleva discussed the trends that will shape the future of the maritime industry - including automation of ship operations, increased autonomy, enabling remote conrol, implementation of digital twins which will support the maintenance and repair of ships, as well as crew training.

Mrs. Zheleva also highlighted the potential opportunities that artificial intelligence could offer to the maritime industry. This includes more accurate and faster data analysis, route planning, improved communication with crews, enhanced cybersecurity for safer voyages, and better waste utilization.

In the context of the pandemic, the geopolitical and macroeconomic situation in the world, Mrs. Zheleva considers the good traditions, skilled specialists, and established practices in the maritime transport sector, as well as in the other sectors in which the enterprises of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD operate, to be key factors in overcoming new market barriers and the continued development of the industrial group.

The original material with the interview of Mrs. Daneta Zheleva, Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD, is published by Investor.bg and can be read in Bulgarian language at: https://www.investor.bg/a/572-intervyuta/391432-daneta-zheleva-krizite-dadoha-tlasak-na-mnogo-novi-tehnologii-i-vazmozhnosti.