Nestled just a kilometer away from Varna's iconic "Uspenie Bogorodichno" Metropolitan Cathedral, the Southern Industrial Zone is taking on a new and modern face. A hub for production and warehousing facilities, offices, and communal spaces, it's becoming an attractive destination for young professionals seeking rewarding careers.
The Southern Industrial Zone is home to six companies in the portfolio of Industrial Holding Bulgaria – Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry, Bulport Logistics, Odessoss PBM Port Terminal, IHB Shipping, IHB Shipdesign, and the Bulgarian Ship Register.
These companies work in synergy to offer comprehensive services and customer care. They form the core of the Southern Industrial Zone's transformation through continuous investments in infrastructure and creating a preferred workplace for the younger generation.
IHB Shipping takes the lead in managing a fleet of four bulk carriers for Industrial Holding Bulgaria. Operating with international competitiveness and boundless opportunities, IHB Shipping serves the global market. Plamen Dimitrov, the company's Executive Director and a navigation graduate from the Naval Academy, brings 24 years of expertise in ship management.
"We cherish professionalism, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence within our team," says Mr. Dimitrov. "Challenges in maritime transport and the sector are numerous, but at IHB Shipping, we believe that young talents and crews from diverse backgrounds, with whom we've recently collaborated, keep us at the forefront of industry trends. Tolerance, collegiality, and a discrimination-free environment are our guiding principles onboard our ships – regardless of age, nationality, or religion. We provide every crew member the opportunity to showcase their best. Our cadet program and onshore career opportunities with us or within our group companies have been running for years."
Discover the dynamic world of IHB Shipping and be part of a maritime venture that embraces innovation and empowers its diverse workforce. Together, let's shape a brighter future for maritime