We are committed to protect the environment, prioritize health and safety, and deliver uncompromising quality across all our ship operations. Our Environmental Compliance initiatives ensure safe and responsible vessel operation and navigation standards, minimizing the impact on the environment and preserving the seas and oceans against potential pollutants.
At the core of our operations are our objectives to maintain and enhance service quality through safe, environmentally sound, and economical fleet operations. Best-in-class quality assurance tools facilitate this pursuit, leading us to strive for:
No personal injuries
No environmental incidents
No accidents
No damage to equipment or property
No lost time in operation

Certified Safety and Quality Management
IHB Shipping Safety and Quality Management System holds the prestigious LR certification. It encompasses environmental management, creating a comprehensive framework for QHSE standards.
Our policies form the cornerstone of our QHSE approach, ensuring that all office and shipboard personnel wholeheartedly support and contribute to the effective implementation of the following:
Safety and Quality Policy
Environmental Protection Policy
Human Resource Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Security Policy
We recognize that the quality of our services hinges on the performance of each individual employee, this is why we prioritize the training, development, and motivation of our personnel. By nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and diligence, we aim to prevent undesired events and minimize sick leave, ensuring the well-being of our dedicated crew.

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