At IHB Shipping, we take pride in our comprehensive Technical Ship Management services, ensuring smooth vessel operations throughout our fleet. Our commitment is reflected in our strategic use of management resources, enabling maximum efficiency in various applications.
Planned Maintenance - streamlining operations
Our  conscientious  approach to maintenance work planning and spare parts handling ensures that our vessels are in optimal condition. We utilize advanced management software to create detailed maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and minimizing costly disruptions. With a focus on proactive planning, we guarantee a seamless flow of operations, enabling the fleet to perform at its best.

Efficient Document Management - accessible and well-organized
At IHB Shipping, we are confident in our efficient document management that ensures crucial vessel-related information to be maintained both well-organized and easily accessible. From technical manuals to compliance documents, we optimize the process, making it effortless for our crews and management to access critical data whenever needed.

Event Planning and Compliance Audit - meeting standards with precision
We thoroughly plan vessel events in line with both company policies and statutory requirements. With expertise in ISM (International Safety Management) and ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) compliance, our vessels meet and exceed all relevant industry regulations. Our comprehensive compliance services guarantee that our fleet operates with the highest standards of safety and security.
Repair and Maintenance, Dry Dockings - expertise at every step
With a dedicated team of experts and well-established partnerships with the best local engineering companies, we  ensurecost-effective, high-quality repair works for our vessels. This integrated process, coupled with the supervision of all repair activities, signifies that our fleet receives the best possible care and maintenance.

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